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Walcyr Carrasco Vida De Droga Pdf

Walcyr Carrasco Vida de Droga PDF - A Review

Walcyr Carrasco is a Brazilian writer, journalist, and playwright who has written several novels, short stories, and children's books. One of his most famous works is Vida de Droga (Drug Life), a novel that tells the story of Dora, a teenage girl who gets involved with drugs and faces the consequences of addiction, violence, and marginalization.

The novel was first published in 1998 by Ed. Ática and has been reprinted several times since then. It is part of the Série Sinal Aberto (Open Signal Series), a collection of books that address social issues and problems faced by young people in Brazil. The novel has also been adapted into a play and a TV series.

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The novel is written in a simple and direct language, with short chapters and dialogues that reflect the reality of the characters. The author does not judge or moralize the actions of Dora and her friends, but rather shows the causes and effects of drug use in a realistic and human way. The novel also explores the themes of family, friendship, love, identity, and hope.

If you are interested in reading this novel, you can find a PDF version online by searching for "walcyr carrasco vida de droga pdf" on Bing. You can also access some links below that provide more information about the author and the book:

  • [WALCYR CARRASCO Vida de droga - Moderna]: This is a PDF file that contains the complete text of the novel, as well as a project of reading for students and teachers.

  • [vida de droga - Livros Digitais]: This is a digital book created by Maria Fernanda Flores, a 9th grade student, who summarizes and comments on the novel.

  • [Vida de droga - Walcyr Carrasco - Google Books]: This is a page that provides some information about the book, such as the edition, the publisher, and the ISBN.

We hope you enjoy reading this novel and learning more about Walcyr Carrasco's work. Happy reading!


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